About me/contact

Hello! I am a London based Scottish -Bermudian writer, journalist and broadcaster. Yes Bermuda, as in the triangle!

I write for numerous publications, such as Indy100, The Independent and The Radio Times

Recently, I completed my MA Journalism at Goldsmiths, University of London, returning after earning my BA Politics in 2017. Learning on the go and thinking quickly on my feet are occupational hazards I love.

Digital journalism is at the core of my skillset, such as Premiere Pro and InDesign, social media management and can bring human stories alive with data journalism.

Stories I have covered include the London Bridge terrorist attack, the 2019 general election and loneliness in East London. You can find all my work in the journalism tab.

I host the popular culture podcast Wisdom Teeth. Recent topics include reality television and the impact of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s life and legacy.

I devised, founded and write The Clara Chronicles, a newsletter about TV, movies and books that evoke something in me, whether it be love, disgust or whatever.

You can explore my blog page to see stuff I’ve written for fun.

You can find me on twitter and instagram at @clara_ish.

You can email me at clarahill123@icloud.com