The Independent

I am a reporter for the US desk at The Independent and cover a vast variety of topics from politics, crime and lifestyle.


I did freelance shifts at the offshoot of The Independent. This role includes monitoring for online news, writing speedy and accurate copy and being aware of online trends.

The Radio Times

I wrote an opinion piece about how the return of BBC Three is great

The Sunday Times

I assisted with the fact checking and verifying of the name of the murdered school girl Jodie Chesney.

The Independent

Joni Mitchell book announcement and David Bowie auction


A personal highlight was covering the 2019 general election, and attending the Hackney vote count. It really allowed me to work on all the theory skills learnt on my course and put them into practice, such as multimedia skills and being aware of media law.

Screwball magazine

This was part of my final project during my MA under lockdown. We were tasked to create a magazine project from scratch. It highlighted that I was able to work under immense pressure and in strange new environment of working from home. The project was supposed to be a group effort, however, it was amended to be a solo endeavour. It is a pop culture magazine that sought to focus on both the old and the new.